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All of the partners below have been vetted by the Winstaer Team to ensure that they provide high-quality services and create tangible impacts


Winstaer supports The Junior/Senior Scholars at the Center4Success because of the incredible enrichment opportunities that they provide underserved students, often from households of low socio-economic status. They also bring in aspiring teachers to run classes of Summer School, providing future teachers an opportunity to practice and hone their craft

Miss Carly's

Winstaer supports Miss Carly's because of the life-saving impact that they have on people from forgotten populations including, but not limited to, the homeless, the drug addicted, and the sex trafficked. Their non-traditional philosophy and way of working create an environment where people believe in each other, even when they have stopped believing in themselves (or humanity overall)

By showcasing Boundless and Radical Love, always, Miss Carly's helps people find redemption from their past, joy and community in the present, and hope for the future

As Winstaer grows, we will continue to support community groups who are making a difference

We would love to do more, but we do what we can as a small startup with minimal funding

We are looking for ways to ACT in our community. You can invest in us by visiting our shop, making a donation, or supporting our community authors. All proceeds go towards our growth and our city and will ultimately help us reach our goal of building a better city

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