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About Us

We are a Creative Enterprise

Winstaer is a Theatre startup in Rockford, IL taking a different approach than most

While we believe that there is value in producing art purely for enjoyment, we think artistic endeavors hold much greater power. Power that can transform the world around us

Winstaer has a mission to ACT in the community, creating memories for all and making a difference in under-served populations such as those facing homelessness, those struggling with drug addiction, and those trapped in sex-slavery, among others

Our Team


Elijah Lowry

Founder + Lead Steward + Modern Abolitionist Society Co-Founder

I know, as Lilian Baylis, Samuel Phelps, and others before knew: those who have experienced great music and great drama, or who have enjoyed the true recreation that they provide, will never again accept shallow and weak entertainments that are quickly forgotten. Instead, they will continuously seek that higher form of entertainment: growth with joy


Sara Goodger

Creative Assistant


Shawn Lowry

Creative Assistant

"You see things and you say 'why?' But I dream things that never were and I say, 'why not?'"
~ George Bernard Shaw

Want To Get Involved?

Are you crazy enough to think you can change the world? Are you committed to using art to do so?

We have many areas of need, so please reach out if you would like to join our ACT

Email or text (815) 627-6280 to start a conversation about how you can get involved!

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